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 ”But know this; the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here.

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Mumford & Sons Blog: Mumford & Sons: Full Troy GOTR Stopover Concert Video Playlist

I was there. And it was AMAZING!


  1. Lovers’ Eyes
  2. Little Lion Man
  3. Whispers in the Dark
  4. Below My Feet
  5. White Blank Page
  6. Timshel
  7. I Will Wait
  8. Lover of the Light
  9. Thistle and Weeds
  10. Ghosts That We Knew
  11. Holland Road
  12. Awake My Soul, feat. Old Crow Medicine Show
  13. Roll Away Your Stone, feat. Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine…
I was there. And it was AWESOME.


When fun. cancelled their appearance at the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in St. Augustine on September 14, 2013, legend John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame stepped in to take their place. Here he is with Mumford & Sons before going onstage.

Photo courtesy of John Fogerty on Instagram.


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This is a picture from the Curiosity Rover on Mars showing Earth from the Perspective of Mars. You are literally looking at your home from the Perspective of another planet. Epic times indeed

I hate how I look in this picture.

but you and your favorite celebrity are in the same photo. isn’t that amazing?

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